Getting Older

This week’s stories surround wing training, swimming and protecting one’s family. As the Goslings grew, their muscles became much more pronounced while their colouring slowy softened from delicate yellow to a gentle grey. They were also able to go a little further from the pond; although, it would be quite a while before Ralph and Alice would allow them to cross the lane toward my window.

One morning, the family were on the far side of the property when they began to march down to the water. I’m not sure what started it, but some of the adults began flexing their wings. The little ones took over.

The inevitable Hooded Crow appeared as they approached the pond. Althought the Goslings were getting bigger and stronger, they were tired now and the adults kept watch as they went into the water.

Later that day, the family came as close to my window as they were allowed at that point.

Later that day, we went down to the pond to take a look.

And then the family photo-op began.

The next day, the Goslings were a bit bigger. Certainly, with all four adults present, they were as safe as they could be. Not everyone agreed, however.

I have finally finished processing all the photos of this year’s family. There are many more posts to come following them through to the end of moulting season. I hope you are happy to stick it out and enjoy them as much as I do, reliving it all in sharing with you.

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