Life Goes On

This week’s psot spans a few days in the middle of June. The Goslings are about six weeks old and they change so quickly. Some days, I would swear they got bigger or stronger or their colouring changed from morning to evening.

This first gallery is at about noon on June 14. Like many youngsters, they would grow restless and as they grew, their activity began to change.

Six hours later, they do seem to have grown. Their muscles are more pronounced somehow. At least, that’s how it appeared to me.

An hour or so later, after their post-rest swim, they returned to the lawn.

The next morning, I captured this lovely moment.

As usual, the Ravens begin to gather. These days, however, things are not quite as they were.

Later that day, the family did what the family always did. The Goslings fed while Alice watched and Ralph, Trixie and Norton rested. I’m assuming they’re resting. I’d want to rest having to keep an eye on these four!

I thought I’d share a couple of other visitors to the lawn.

The next morning began as usual, with everyone lounging around and feeding.

They cross the lawn, each in his or her own fashion.

The Ash Tree has a lot of good food at its roots!

Later that day, the Hooded Crows begin to gather.

You know the Goslings are growing when they stop looking tiny in the water.

And so, the middle of June passed. The Solstice is yet to come and the Goslings will continue to grow. Over the next month, moulting season will begin, but for the next few weeks the little family will meander through life.

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