On Fledglings and Predators

This week’s installment spans a little over a week in the life of the family. At this point, they were very visibly adolescent. It started slowly, with down feathers beginning to poke out.

We were also coming into moulting season for the adults, which meant being earth-bound for weeks. I think it made Ralph a little fractious.

Ralph hadn’t had a tantrum in quite some time. I think it’s Trixie on the receiving end of this one.

The next few are all from the afternoon of June 19.

The morning of June 20 brought some big visible changes.

June 21 and 23. Not sure where I was on June 22, but I missed a whole day!

That same week, I was at my window when one of the other predators showed up. It might not have been this one, as he looks pretty young; however, I’d be willing to bet it was a relative of his who decimated the family last year. Today, he has found a different source of food. All summer, I have watched the Ravens hide food under tufts of grass. Easy pickings for this young fox. The quality of some of these shots is not what I would have liked, but the action happened out my front windows, in which the glass is somewhat distorted from age. Also, I couldn’t keep up with the Raven, the action happened so quickly!

So, water is the safe place. And it is there that we will go now. The Goslings aren’t the only ones on the pond today. Mama Duck and her wee ones are also out and about.

Scruffy teenaged Goslings.

And so, this week ends with our family, fledgling, moulting and happy in the water.

The family takes a moment.

Next Sunday is Remembrance Sunday and I will be in London at the ceremonies at the Cenotaph on Whitehall. You can be sure that I’ll be taking photos and will post about the day, but I’ve a series that I’ve been working on to share on Remembrance Day weekend. We will leave the family here for a few days. Happy and safe.

2 thoughts on “On Fledglings and Predators

  1. Hi Kathy: My old system won’t open as many of these at one time. Think I’ve seen most of them. Have sent them on to June & Alayne (who by the way aren’t talking to each other any more – whole other story). Mom >


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