On Playing With Food

And so, I came to the last few days before flying back to Canada for a visit. I was going to miss so much of the family’s final development I was actually conflicted. “I’m going to miss their final training!! I might miss their first flight!!” But go, I did.

White Wing’s antics continued to make me smile. As did the adult bird’s increasing determination that White Wing would feed himself at some point.

I love this next photo of the family swimming, taken on July 7 when the Goslings were about two months old. One of the Goslings is hidden by a Goose, but you can tell which are the juveniles quite easily. Just look for the scruffy bits at the back of the head. They haven’t yet lost all their Gosling down and it sticks out at funny angles.

The Goslings are to the right. They’ve grown so much, but are still a bit scruffy.

This next gallery was taken on the morning of July 8. Eleven Geese is quite a crowd!

I think White Wing got desperate for someone to feed him. I’m not 100% sure it’s White Wing, but I’m assuming that. This posture and behaviour, by the way, is new. Before this year, I’ve never seen one of the Ravens do this. But we saw it over and over this year.

July 9 dawned fair and the family came close to my window for breakfast.

Breakfast time!

After breakfast I witnessed the most amazing game. It took place over about half an hour, perhaps a bit longer. As they crossed back over the lane to return to the pond, one of the Goslings spotted something up on the drive. It was part of a bread roll of some kind, what they would call a bap over here. It’s entirely possible that he stole it from the ravens. Regardless, Canada Goose rugby was invented. See if you can find the bap in each shot.

This next shot was taken the morning of July 10, just before I left for the airport.

Ralph, Alice, Dad’s Lieutenant, the Geminis and Shy One.

Luckily, I did get back in time to see the family again. It was two weeks later and the Goslings had developed much further. But that’s getting ahead of things.

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