Last Preparations

As soon as I returned home from Canada, the picture taking began again. Well, the next day, anyway as I was pretty jet-lagged. These shots begin on July 25, when the Goslings were about two and a half months old.

I have to admit that my relief that the family was still here was palpable. Having paid such close attention to them in the first few months of their lives, to have missed their flight would have been a sore letdown. Here they were, however, all eleven of them, still feeding and grooming with every moment of the day.

Always nearby were the Hooded Crows and Ravens. Clearly, they were on more friendly terms with the family since the family had outgrown them so completely.

The Goslings had grown now to the point that it was difficult to tell them apart from the adults. Their down feathers no longer stuck out at odds with their adult feathers as they had. Instead, they were sleek and beautiful; fully juvenile instead of babies.

It was definitely much easier to see which were the juveniles when the group was all together.

The Goslings are much easier to see here, given the size difference.

After their morning swim, it was time to feed again. What I didn’t know was that their feeding ground had expanded while I was away. They were now walking around to the front of the house!

Nothing had changed with regard to White Wing. He was still trying to get the adult to feed him, even though he was well over the age that he could feed himself. This particular behaviour, however, I haven’t been able to identify.

Later in the afternoon, I was at the window again.

I thought they were going to the other side of the house, but they abruptly changed direction and came over to the area by my window, instead.

Gentle beauty, this one.

The morning of July 26 dawned and there was a great deal of stretching going on.

This young one has been practising!

I’ll end this post with another from July 26.

Ralph and Alice lead the way for a swim.

We’re nearly at the end of the tale of this year’s family. There were only a few more days, so I’d returned home just in time!

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