Eleven Weeks Old

The summer of lockdown went on. As case numbers increased (some 176,000 new cases worldwide reported on July 2, 2020), so it seemed did the protests.

Hong Kong had erupted in protest over new security laws from China. Successive protests had been occurring in the States since the death of George Floyd in May.
And those to do with lockdown. Face masks were evil, abusive, a way of controlling the public. As were distancing measures. The world seemed to be becoming a darker place in so many ways.

As always, we spent time with the family. On July 2, my sweetheart decided to surprise them, by going to them.

By July 3, the Goslings were beginning to look more sleek. Their muscles had filled in beautifully and the down that had made them so scruffy was almost gone.

For some reason, later that afternoon, my sweetheart broke the ‘not two days in a row’ Seed Man rule. But what happened that day, was unlike anything we’d ever experienced. I know what it felt like to watch through the lens of my camera; what my sweetheart experienced must have been incredible. The following set of photos took place over the course of two minutes.

What an unbelievable thrill to see them so very close to flight in their excitement to visit with Seed Man.

As my sweetheart walked away, I could see him replaying the scene he had just been a part of. Truly, nature is humbling, at times.

July 4 – furlough and income replacement schemes were in place in much of Europe. Small businesses received varying amounts of relief, while the arts received almost none at all. As the Government prepared to announce £1.5 billion to protect Britain’s cultural and arts communities, West End stars had begun a charity brand, selling branded t-shirts, mugs, notebooks and other items to help theatre artists pay their rent. Nobody knew when the theatre world would be able to start up again.

July 5 – The Stretching Games began in earnest, now. You never knew what would set them off. Perhaps a good Baryshnagoose stretch from Mama, as occurred that afternoon.

Later on, they visited under the window. But as usual, there was the one who was always behind.

July 6 – I finally had my follow-up video-conference with my gastro consultant and, no surprise, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, to go hand in hand with my Ankylosing Spondylitis. Really, it only confirmed what I’d known deep down, and had been adapting for diet-wise, for years.

Now, I had to get more serious about it. Physically, I was pretty much exhausted. My body had been attacking itself unchecked from the Crohn’s standpoint for years and I was finally at the point where it was too much. The relief after the abdominal adhesions had been cleared back at the end of February was over and I was fast becoming miserable. Unable to take pain killers and anti-inflammatories, other than Paracetemol (Tylenol) which only works marginally for me, due to the damage caused by them over the years, I was evermore grateful for the distraction of our family.

July 7 – Arrangements were being made for me to get a three month course of steroids to bring the Crohn’s under control. I had never, ever, taken them internally; although I have used steroid drops in my eyes for Anterior Uveitis (Iritis) since I was in my 20s, and was given a Corticosteroid cream for my skin when I was a child, both related to AS and/or Crohn’s. I was a little nervous about it, truth be told. But also grateful that there was a plan.

July 8 – And so, we came to the end of the Goslings’ eleventh week. As they grew stronger, more able to fly, I went further into my shell. As the world outside our little haven became increasingly unkind and difficult to witness, we retreated a little further. We could see the trends and had been following the science. We knew that lockdown being lifted was going to create an increase in cases. We tried to hope it wouldn’t be too bad.

I’m not sure which of the Geese created the beautiful wing display in the last photo, but my goodness, how powerful! I suspect it might have been Mama, from the tail and size of her. Isn’t she glorious.

In the end, it’s being prepared, isn’t it. Making sure you are strong enough to fly, working to develop muscles, whether mental or physical, emotional or analytical. If you don’t work them, they won’t function properly.

Every new piece of information becomes a part of what helps you grow, and learn. Every little bit is a new piece of the puzzle that is your life. You can either force it to fit the neat little spot you have prepared for it, or you can let it find its place based on its shape and size, based on its nature.

Once we leave the nest, we’re on our own in life. But it’s good to know that Mama and Papa are there backing you up, just in case.

And as for we humans, it’s good to know that while we are so isolated, we have each other. Just in case.

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