Seasons Roll

Olwyn is the May Queen,
Flowers in her hair.
Never knowing where she’s going
And doesn’t really care.

Darkness comes to blanket the earth.
It covers wood and field.
The Stag knows to seek rebirth
His destiny is sealed.

She wanders through the meadows
Gazes into streams.
She’s searching for a hero
To sanctify her dreams.

The Young Buck, silent and still,
Waits to leave the wood.
He’ll sacrifice whatever he will.
To bring the light to good.

She waits beneath an Oak tree.
Its strength will heal her soul.
She witnesses the outcome
That keeps the cycle whole.

Thunder crashes through the ground
And wraps about her heart.
The battle rages all around,
It’s tearing her apart.

She watches through her teary eyes.
The Young Stag lifts his head.
She runs to help him to his feet
While she mourns the one who’s dead.

Stag and Lady, together once more
They walk a world reborn.
Slowly, slowly, the darkness that bore
Them dies on a sunlit morn.

Olwyn is the May Queen,
The sun will have its day
Seasons roll around again
Summer’s on the way.

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